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Birthdate:Aug 18, 1989
Location:Mesa, Arizona, United States of America
I'm Kitty, I'm a Medical Student in Arizona who has little to no social niceties, socialization, or time to suffer fools. I am extremely passionate by nature, I obsessively crave adventure and knowledge, and love fiercely. I bleed music and literature and feel the thrum of them in my very core. I love learning about the human body and the diseases that afflict it. I'm a crazy woman with way too many necroses and obsessions but I am clever and a bit rude and love who I am. End of ramble.

Age Statement: I hereby state that I am over the age of 21 and am legally able to view age-sensitive material in my country.

Interests (52):

aliens, all doctor who novels, and so forth., angel, b horror films, broadway musicals, buffy, camelot, classic detective novels like sherlock holmes, classical, david tennant, doctor who, doing boring and stupid stuff with my best friends, ect., epics, etc, fiction, folk tales of great britian and europe, geoffery rush, ginger snaps, grey's anatomy (sheepish grin), hair metal, harry potter movies, harry potter series, le morte d'arthur, making money, merlin, monsters, murder mysteries, mythology, mythology or is considered minutely educational., occult themed, philosophy, pirates of the caribbean, pitch black, planning my one month trip to the uk next year, poems, pretty much anything except most bubble gum pop., punk, reading, really anything with vampires, rock, scrubs, short stories, silence of the lambs, southern vampire mysteries, studing medicine, torchwood, true blood, watching the bbc, writing, zombies
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